We adore welcoming visitors to New Zealand and have delivered superb travel experiences to clients ‘in-bound’ to our amazing country.  

We’re equally excited to design and deliver travel experiences ‘out-bound’ of New Zealand, and have been fortunate to work in some amazing locations around the globe.  

By working with OneNineFive, you have a highly creative and committed partner who will deliver you a complete end to end service, helping you to set your travel objectives, design your unique itinerary, and then deliver the experience.  

Our global network of experienced, trusted and like-minded partners, enable us to deliver inspiring and unforgettable events and group travel experiences in the One Hundred and Ninety Five countries in the world.

Three things remain top of mind when we design group travel:  authenticity, quality, and a little bit of surprise. 

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Serving Up Melbourne

Over the last few years, we’ve been delivering some exceptional food and wine focused group travel experiences around the world, and particularly in Melbourne, Australia.  

When it comes to Melbourne we now have some amazing contacts and friends, who are all at the top of their game in this food mad city.  

We now want to share them with like-minded clients and friends, so we’ve created ‘Serving Up Melbourne with OneNineFive’.

'Serving Up Melbourne' is a culinary expedition to an extraordinary city! Think amazing food, inspiring people, urban exploration and the surprise and edge of a OneNineFive event! 

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Serving Up New York

‘Serving Up New York’ is a 7-day / 6-night travel experience to New York - a city full of creative, inspiring people who adore creating memorable travel experiences in the city they call home.

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In Serving Up New York we want to serve you, and a group of like-minded travellers, a slice of this incredible city.

"Exploring New York with Greg & Carlene and their New York friends was without a doubt, one of the best travel experiences of my life."
Ruth O'Keefe, New Zealand

Think extraordinary food and beverages, inspirational people, stunning venues, urban exploration and the surprise and edge of a OneNineFive event.

The itinerary for ‘Serving Up New York’ has been crafted with input from some of New York’s leading chefs, restaurateurs, event managers and other local experts.  It’s an all-star cast, all super committed to serving you up an epic New York experience. 


Pure Pursuits | 2019

A 6 day journey for 20 travel professionals from 17 countries, with 34°South, our premium in-bound tourism brand.

In early March 2019, a group of the leading minds of luxury and experiential travel and events, took part in a ‘Pure Pursuit’ – a 6 day journey designed to build networks and move the travel industry forward. 

The group of 20 came from 17 different countries, and for many, it was their first visit to New Zealand.

We were selected to design and deliver the experience. This was a great honour for us given that this was the first time a Pure Pursuit had been held in the southern hemisphere, with previous destinations of Iceland, Costa Rica, Italy, USA and Norway.

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'Off The Bench' | 2015

Every four years, what we think is the greatest sporting event on the planet comes along.  The Rugby World Cup.

In 2015 this event was held in England.  Along with celebrated New Zealand Chef, Al Brown, we had the idea to design and lead a totally unique travel experience to this global event.

Recognizing that sport results don’t always go the way you want them to, our 20 day tour was as much about culinary experiences as it was about watching both semi-finals, the bronze final and the grand final of Rugby World Cup 2015.

We chose 3 of the greatest culinary cities in the world as the key destinations for Off the Bench:  New York, London, Paris.

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The Liu Family in NZ | 2017

New Zealand is a country where the expression 'something for everyone' is as true as it gets.  The Liu family discovered this on their customised 10 day New Zealand experience.

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The Liu family has travelled widely from their home in Beijing, China and New Zealand was always on their list of places to visit. 

Like many of our clients, their travel needs to be authentic, accurate, high-quality, and combine a perfect blend of both individual and family experiences, which cater to the needs and interests of their children.  

Through our pre-trip communications, we developed a sense of the family and set about designing a New Zealand experience to meet their needs.